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Chara Undertale персонажи Asriel ...Undertale фэндомы 

Undertale,фэндомы,Chara,Undertale персонажи,Asriel,Asriel Dreemurr

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Asriel Undertale персонажи Chara Chariel UT shipping ...Undertale фэндомы 


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Frisk,Undertale персонажи,Undertale,фэндомы,Mettaton,Chara,Undyne,Toriel,Asriel,Asriel Dreemurr,Asgore,Sans,Napstablook,Alphys


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HOPEtale: Heartache 129 - 146

Yes, but mine tastes a bit odd Mmm! It's so tasty! Something like... caramelized golden flowers You've already eaten your cookie! I , THIS IS MINE!*? No way! Let me 657/ starve...! Iwli\s\w ííStew шш I don't vx-x-x^x^x-:-%x шш I» \/зщ ^ i)

... About three or Four minutes. mmrn №№NN■■■1 \ mssm SGol&en! flowers if. YAV**AV*V**A.Vi*iVAV4^/«*.'«‘.\V*'« 'J.'A '.'.‘.’.'¿’.V.Vi' Aren't they rather tasty _ snack than poison? Chara was eating them for three years and never Felt sick because of. it

' V- h*.:*--' - +Лл- -с> +. . -V !<-.**• - » И- ШШтШШшЩМ ¡Я eíSí®' щу ШФШ5':&й4 В|Ш<Л &XÊ%XtfSxî шшш Hcwé'you. liMÍ •:X:*>>x<frèS*> •Xxx-XtX-Xftj Х:ХХ: gSfÉââàg •'.У’У.. ^77Л-. *. ÎÂ^XÂîi^ÿAVASÿi «ii $&&$*#*& Xi^<?&W<XÄ Х;Х:Х:;$ :Хх;Хх.": •Xty.XtX ШШ Ш :ХХ:Х; 1

DETERMINATION I / ^ and [INTEGRITY | |at once. Normal ¡poison can t: kill her. would kill mg >ad that so unique soul ii doomed to be swallowed up by Barrier...,Hopetale,Undertale,фэндомы,Asriel,Asriel Dreemurr,Undertale персонажи,Chara,W.D. Gaster,Sans,Undertale комикс,Undertale

CHARAJ. > OlARA; yo um SLEEPING...! WHAt’S HAPPENING?! 1-1 don't know... Rzz... I Fell dizzy... Am*№ f0>Al ip’// y £ 1 yy/, r V W Sts/r li « Tf'f ■m I-sxj !v‘ jt ?№& T-:yM: ajfc wffl- i-iC-i-y •: w|j\ yKft* ¡¿•Steg! y’lyJil M;{T *\4 4- • "• YjVt ly Do... do n't go. Stay u/th

\Je have to go back....1 IwIM Doctor Gaster will help you! MM,Hopetale,Undertale,фэндомы,Asriel,Asriel Dreemurr,Undertale персонажи,Chara,W.D. Gaster,Sans,Undertale комикс,Undertale комиксы,длиннопост

t hurts... s so mua л,Hopetale,Undertale,фэндомы,Asriel,Asriel Dreemurr,Undertale персонажи,Chara,W.D. Gaster,Sans,Undertale комикс,Undertale комиксы,длиннопост

Hopetale,Undertale,фэндомы,Asriel,Asriel Dreemurr,Undertale персонажи,Chara,W.D. Gaster,Sans,Undertale комикс,Undertale комиксы,длиннопост

IF dad were here... IF I were as strong v as dad... s I Feel sorry For him... He has to watch helplessly as his sister , dies... But I'm too weak! VASo.pvEvi'owJ I went through the sameWm| thing Four hundred ||p; years ago. jBmM You were much older cMit make him stronger. ii pm »*

 But I know flsriel'll be Fine He is strong young man, euen if he doesn't think so I saw inside him he truly has dragon heart. uAPPVErJO^V I'ue heard that before from you YÜY/tiVA ¡ÎV.V,Hopetale,Undertale,фэндомы,Asriel,Asriel Dreemurr,Undertale персонажи,Chara,W.D. Gaster,Sans,Undertale

 the Slayer ■>y. y%A'W4 You can neuer get away from this. PPP* ■en, women, children; , .¡i Ull I you II kill everyone if SouJ Council say so. Your power is destroying to warriors like/»! 2 or doctors like Kex r- 1 .. :W Get ouer it. ske Get the fuck

Now? Ok. I'm going to Undreground ¡V.W.V ».V.'.V.V ¡v-w.v yiin Yep. \Jhen Flsriel'll fall asleep because of sleeping pills just take him to me. v.w.v.v. (;.v.v.v.v ! Leaue her 'j body here. Somebody will buried her For sure, j Find what about her? •iJÜVPVvE It's the only reason why I

I'm sorry So sorry.. mm® It would be better for us It would be better to be couard than to be brother ^ without sister... . I should've said 3" at the barrier ;x:'x;x;x;x;x;:;x;x:>x;x Shouldn't you be in sch-- Kwv>Xw x-x-x-x-x-x X*X*X*X‘X*X /.VAV, mmm V.V.V.V.V.V.V ¡■¡I iilillll

VIEHA tO tAKE HEH to HOSPitAL—l,Hopetale,Undertale,фэндомы,Asriel,Asriel Dreemurr,Undertale персонажи,Chara,W.D. Gaster,Sans,Undertale комикс,Undertale комиксы,длиннопост

I'm not...! I have to save her! You're T ob ¡as, right?] , 0^0. >v.v.v. :::::::::::: That mole on\ I beg you* Help me | take her to i\ Doctor Gaster he,»"' help her...!/ I'm not...] I have to save her! You're T obias, right?] , 0^0.

 flgh! ...P-please.1 Trust me! I loue her! I'm Chara's brother, just like you.1 MAPEVPuPffL,Hopetale,Undertale,фэндомы,Asriel,Asriel Dreemurr,Undertale персонажи,Chara,W.D. Gaster,Sans,Undertale комикс,Undertale комиксы,длиннопост

UPfPPH ]pyo um lYingi yo ü KiLLBP m üms SiStEfU MONSfERS CAN’t LOV£! GiVe RE* PACK! ssgtisi r?«:&££ WltM WVfJU.1 jg^XvXvX- uappv; ' N0! i yoü CAN’t HELP HER! ANp l’M tHE 0Ni_y om w CAN PRÍNG ^ HER tO HiM! «1E ':;x: K&*:* .w.v.ww.w ÉjiiíÉiiiliiiliiíiítt

V.V.*. v.-.v. ÿw.v,Hopetale,Undertale,фэндомы,Asriel,Asriel Dreemurr,Undertale персонажи,Chara,W.D. Gaster,Sans,Undertale комикс,Undertale комиксы,длиннопост


Chara Undertale персонажи Eima J ...Undertale фэндомы 

Chara,Undertale персонажи,Undertale,фэндомы,Eima J
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