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Kids?? Chara, flsriel, where’d you go?! While you entertained, I noticed the kids’ room uas empty. Chara was too weak to move, so I got worried. Okay, that was admittedly clever. I didn’t expect someone in a white fur coat to have a green thumb? HEH? ..flsgore? Hnd ya husband grew these?

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Toriel redesign by ink-ami

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Oh gosh...the one day I’d rather not remember as clear as day. I know, but... It was a Thursday Spring. Not once have we really sat down and talked about it, and I feel the hazy details are only amplifying problems here and now. Please. Chara was ill and bedridden for days, yet that reporter

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Game Over by Natassya13

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Undertale,фэндомы,Frisk,Undertale персонажи