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Among Us

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Смешные комиксы,веб-комиксы с юмором и их переводы,Игры,Among Us,Undertale,фэндомы,Undertale персонажи,кроссовер,перевод в комментах,laila dreemur

 I found Sans' body on the electric! So now tell where each one of you was! There was nobody around... A- Asgore and i were w-with ^ Asriel in navigation. ^ I was with Frisk at the cafeteria. Not to mention that you don't have an alibi!, Let me guess... now just because i don't remember

Neither Papyrus! Do you really think he would kill his own brother?!?! Obviously it was you! f And why couldn't it n have been you? After all you s were the only one close to the body!! I did my task right in front of you all! ^ ÜNDYND ^ IMÜ5TA5K.YOÜTO 5TOP IMMLDIATELLY ACCÜ5ING > TME.MÜMANÜ

Papyrus!! Papyrus! Are you 50 - TMI515 THU FbODY TMAT YOU RE.PORTÎLD? ^^hahahai^) . listening to me?!? 5^1 IT/'^ I said Y k [3 not to look- M /V' 1,Смешные комиксы,веб-комиксы с юмором и их переводы,Игры,Among Us,Undertale,фэндомы,Undertale персонажи,кроссовер,перевод в комментах,laila

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Asriel Chara Frisk Toriel Asgore Undyne Alphys Papyrus (undertale) Sans crossover ...Undertale фэндомы Undertale персонажи Игры Among Us 

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